So It Begins.

This is Mickey Mello, AKA The-Mello-Man, here. Well I got this spiffy new WordPress website up and running and the post section was looking a little bare, so I decided to get this post typed up to get things started around here. I have a lot of plans for the site.

First things first, a little update as far as what is happening with me. I will be arriving in Japan September 14th, at which time I will spend approximately a year there studying abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. While I’m there, I plan on updating this site with all the various escapades I shall have while I’m over there. Sorta like a diary, except you’ll be able to read it and when I write I tend to like to amuse myself, so chances are you’ll also be amused as well.

Second, this site shall of course have information related to my acting. Resume, Headshots, Videos and related links to IMDB and the like shall be added. So if you want to find out about my acting stuff, it’ll be here.

Third, I have a little bit of a creative streak when I get in the mood. Thus I’ll create a section to post up any of my creative stuff when I make it. I hope to get some short stories up there. I might add drawings up there if I decide to draw anything. Basically it’s a catch all section for all my pent-up creativity.

Fourth, from time to time I also like to ramble and opine about various things of philosophic interest. So perhaps I’ll create a section to vent my intellectual prattle. It is all subject to my whims after all.

Well that should about cover everything. Welcome and Enjoy.

~Simply Yarrsauce~

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