Arrival in Japan – Late Night Escapades

So we had arrived at the hotel.  We ate at Shakey’s Pizza in Japan to celebrate our arrival after we dropped off our bags at our hotel rooms, then afterward many of the other students were completely beat and decided to go straight to bed. But me and some other brave souls thought we would go explore a bit, the night was still young after all. It was about 7:00 pm Japan time, and one of the students who had been in Japan before knew of a cool place in Shibuya to check out. To get to Shibuya, we had to take the train, in this case the JR Yamanote Line. Thus I was taught how to use the train system. I purchased a Pasmo card, and what this does is you put credit onto it, and then when you ride a train or other transportation, you scan the card and when you reach your destination, you scan it again and the amount of your trip is deducted from your credit on the card. Very useful stuff, and the scanner is strong enough that you don’t need to take it out of your wallet to scan, you can just swipe your whole wallet over the scanner.

From there we headed to Shibuya, which is only two stops away from Takadanobaba. We walked around a bit, took in some of the sights and then headed for our intended destination, a place called “The Lockup”. The Lockup is basically a place to drink that has a dungeon/prison theme going for it.

OOOoooooo, the Lockup is Scary!

Caution: Toxic Waste

Trapped, like a rat!

She looks better and better with each drink.

Making the most of my time Locked Up Abroad.

Although you can’t tell from the pictures, the lights in the room were actually flashing on and off. Once you enter, an employee handcuffs you and leads you and your party to their cell, where you will order various drink concoctions. All these drinks are served in various beakers and measuring cups. Although I only had water, some of the others had some of the crazy drinks, one had Jello mix in it, yet another had cotton candy and poprocks, and you pour something else on top of it to make it dissolve into the drink.

What are these strange concoctions?

What are you doing?! You know both those elements are volatile!

Oooh the humanity!

…You know, that actually looks quite delicious.

Supposedly every half hour or so, the lights are supposed to go completely off. Then someone pops out from a hole in the wall in the cell and grabs people’s hair and arms to freak them out. Unfortunately, we were there for an hour and it never happened. We were somewhat disappointed, but it the lockup was a cool place to see. An awesome crazy place to start my year at Japan right! After this we returned to the hotel and retired for the night.

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