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The Disconnect in Attracting Young Professionals

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles -

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles –

I got a pearl of wisdom here based on my experience.

So I’ve been seeing things lately. I see groups, especially non-profits, all talking about how their membership is aging and how they need to get young professionals to join and participate. I keep seeing a disconnect though. I look at books online and advice online, it is all directed towards the young professionals, such as self-help books, telling them what they should be doing and that they need to network and the like. I’m not saying these books and other related materials aren’t putting forward information that is helpful, young professionals likely should be doing many of these things. However, for all the talk about needing to attract young professionals, I’m not seeing these groups making any sort of significant effort in that direction.Continue reading

Keiretsu – Rise and Evolution

The Logo for the Mitsubishi Keiretsu


Keiretsu, what is it and how does it relate to the economic development of Japan and how business is done? We will look at what the keiretsu are, what purpose it plays, and what benefits it provides. We’ll look at the structure of keiretsu, how it is different from other business groups. From there we’ll look at the history of the keiretsu, from their roots in the zaibatsu before World War II, to their role in Japan’s recover, and how they evolved after the bursting of the asset bubble and the subsequent lost decade. We’ll go over some of the tools Japanese management used in running the keiretsu as well, such as the three “sacred treasures”. For now let’s take a look at what exactly the keiretsu is and how it is utilized.Continue reading