Cabaret of Parallel Planes

The timeless and those time has forgotten. There will always be both, for there are people destined to be the timeless and those destined to be forgotten with time. Then there are those who assume the aspects of both being timeless and forgotten. I am one of these people time has forgotten. I have resided upon this mortal plane for times long passed. Though forgotten, I have been timeless in age and features. In relation to this, I am known as Chrono. It is not the name I was originally given, but that name has long since been forgotten by the ages.

Though I have been forgotten, there is much that I have remembered, much that I have learned and maintained. I presume you have come to glean some of what I have learned from my time on this plane. First I must know your name, after all you must have something to offer as far as the exchange of information goes. Whisper to me your name, though you may be forgotten, you will at least be remembered by this timeless one.

…Your name has an interesting ring to it. Perhaps I’ll hear more of it in the future. But I digress, you have come for information, some of what I have seen, heard, and experienced. You have paid the toll, you have parted with your name, something you should not do foolishly in this world. One’s true name holds great power, the power to see its fate and perhaps alter it. You are lucky this time, however, I am but a mere observer.

I bet you wish to know more of the inner workings of this world. This world is not as most people perceive it. Few know its true nature, I am now bringing you under that chosen few. It is up to you on how you interpret what I am to tell you. This world is more than the physical aspects you see around you. There are many other worlds connected to this one. You could call them shadow worlds, but I believe our world is merely a faint shadow of those worlds. They have been known as “Hell”, “Heaven”, “Netherworld”, “Parallel Universes”, “Asgard”, “The Spirit World”, and many more. These places are not the mere work of fiction. Though our notions of them are for the most part falsely rooted, these places very much do exist. The nature of each is different.

Demons very much do exist as well. Though the meaning of the word “demon” has been skewed over time to the point where its original intent is no longer recognizable. Demons are not inherently evil, as they have been represented. They are merely denizens of another world, the gods fall under this category, however, their true motivations are shrouded in mystery. They are merely demons who have achieved power and position much like that of kings and tyrants.

Have you heard all that you wish? Are there any other questions you wish to ask of me? If you do have something you wish to know, ask now, for we shall most likely never meet again. Though I will, however, observe your exploits, or lack thereof, for I feel it is my duty as one who has been forgotten, to remember those who may become forgotten. Use this information as you will, go now into this world with a new perspective…

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