Sister Cities International Annual Conference!

Hey everyone!

As you all may know, I was running for the young professional board position. The results of that is…

I did not win the young professional board election. It was very competitive and main feedback I heard from everyone was that if all three of the young professional candidates had run as normal board members, we would have all been elected. There was only one young professional position though. We all had our specialties. One candidate worked closely with the State department, another had a lot of non-profit experience, and I had the business and entertainment background.

Second, I was, however, appointed to the Youth Committee for Sister Cities International. So I did not come back entirely empty-handed in that regard. I don’t have to travel for it either, so I get to save money in travel expenses! So I’ll be staying involved and connected with Sister Cities International. Perhaps I’ll run for board again next year. We’ll see.

Third, the conference itself was quite good with a number of interesting sessions. There were some good ones on fundraising, grant writing, and for social media. The grant writing one was especially good.

Fourth, I chatted with some very interesting people and have been following up with them as I’ve been recovering from the long weekend. I also managed to get some street dancing in while at San Antonio and also impressed everyone at the conference with my dancing skills during the dinner festivities on Saturday.

I may have something more in-depth about the conference later to share.

Mickey The-Mello-Man

Sister Cities International Elections 2013!

Elections are soon to get under way for the 2013 Sister Cities International Election Season!

This is Mickey Mello handling the election coverage. More specifically, covering my run for the Young Professional Board Position at Sister Cities International for a two year term. The Young Professional position is for those who are between 21-34 in age seeking to advance Sister Cities International’s cause of Citizen to Citizen diplomacy across the country and, in effect, around the world. It seems that I will be running against three others, so it should be quite lively.

Mickey dressed in his battle attire, prepared for the election battle to come.

On June the 12th there will be a webinar for candidates to advance their platform which I will be participating in. Elections will take place at the annual conference being held in San Antonio, Texas from July 12th to the 14th. Sister Cities can either send in their ballots or designate a representative to vote in person at theĀ  annual conference.

My platform is focused on how Sister Cities International can be more effective in their mission to help each of the local Sister Cities groups be more successful. How do we deal with an aging demographic of leaders and encourage those that are younger to get involved? How can we more effectively get relevant information to the local Sister Cities organizations? As a board member of both Bakersfield Sister Cities and SoCal Sister Cities International, I’m learning about how these two groups work together, and Sister Cities International is the last piece of the puzzle that will help me connect the dots and understand more Sister Cities. I wish to design documentation focused on getting the youth and young professionals involved, documents that lay out the step by step process to implement such initiatives.

Between my experience in the entertainment industry acting for 8 years, my time studying abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, my leadership as president of “Japan And Beyond”, “International Students Club”, and one of the founders of “Campus Gamers”, my experience in Marketing and Economics through my college major and job at Global CTI, a telecommunications company, to my street dancing. I have a wide variety of experiences I can bring to Sister Cities International. I look forward to putting myself out there and I hope others will see my passion and vote me in as the Young Professional Board Member of Sister Cities International.

Looking forward to Election Day!

Mickey Mello

New Year, New Job

Hey, Mickey “The-Mello-Man” here with an update!

First, Happy Belated New Years! I’m sure this will be a great year with many things to come. We’re already heading into February. This will be a busy year to be sure.

Now for the news! So as per my last post I did some job hunting in Japan during August. I saw some old friends, spent a lot of money shopping and made some good professional contacts, but nothing that led me to a job abroad.

Move forward to November and getting a job offer from Global CTI, a company that designs and installs integrated communication solutions and they’re damn good at it. The position was to be their marketing guy at the company. I accepted and have been working since the beginning of December! This’ll be a great position and allow me to learn a lot about business and IT in particular as Global CTI falls under that industry. I’ll be getting a lot of certifications, from those related to marketing, sales, technical, as well as ones for Project Management. This is a great position to learn and absorb a lot!

Other good news, I’ve been nominated for board positions for both Bakersfield Sister City and Southern California Sister Cities, a chapter of Sister Cities International. I look forward to continuing my efforts working in the international community. My goal is to try to get other people my age, those just starting their careers, to participate, in addition to those in school.

Things are taking off and it looks to be a good year!

One last bit of news, it seems my partner, Greedy the Venture Capitalist, wants to post some stuff. I assume it’ll center on one of his five loves in his life: Money, Booze, Smokes, Women, and Business. Not sure what at this point, he’s currently sleeping and dealing with a hang-over.

Mickey Out!

August Japan Job Hunting!

Many things are currently afoot!

At the moment I am currently hunting for a job in Japan. A difficult task at the moment, as Japan’s economy is rather weak at the moment, but then again, so is the rest of the global economy. I have been doing what I can here, but usually the best way to go about things is to put yourself out right in the middle of things and see what you can drum up, and that is exactly what I plan on doing in August!

I am planning a trip to Japan in August. I leave from LAX on August 9th, arrive at Narita Airport on the 10th, and from there I stay in Japan till the 30th, which is when I catch my return flight back home. The goal of this trip is job hunting! However, there are a few other things I want to do while I’m over in Japan.

I am a part of Bakersfield Sister City Project Corporation, which is the Sister City of Wakayama in Japan. I have been working with the organization for a while now, but I have not yet been to Wakayama. During my trip I intend to visit Wakayama, to see what our Sister City is like so as to develop a closer connection with what I’ve been helping work towards here in Bakersfield through Sister City. I will focus my job hunting efforts in Tokyo. However, while in Wakayama I will focus on getting to know the people and the city. If they would have me as a guest, I would love to get to know them more.

I plan on seeing my host family that I lived with when I was in Japan studying abroad previously. I also plan on visiting some of my friends I know in Japan as well. Catch up and see how many of them are doing. There are also some places I want to visit, both to see the sights and to purchase some things. However, all these things are secondary to my hunting for a job in Japan. If I get a job in Japan, I can do many of these things on my day off.

Thus that is my plan. I will scour Tokyo for a possible job, as it is my intent to return to live there for at the very least a few years. After all is said and done, I’ll post about how my efforts have gone, the resources I have found, and the possible paths I’ve identified. Until my efforts are complete though I shall refrain from posting any details. I will, however, post about other things when I get the time. Please take the time to read and learn about the Keiretsu which I have recently posted about! I have still more to learn about it and I will update the post as time goes on, but the post thus far should provide an overview with some depth on the subject. I hope to add more posts to my business commentary section soon.

Till next time, hopefully from Japan!

Current Website Status – Going Strong!

It is time for a general update! As you may have noticed, I have not done much in terms of posting, however, what you may not have noticed is that the rest of the website has been getting a lot of updates! This is all going towards my effort to brand and market myself, as I will be using my website a professional platform to tell people who I am, what I can do, and also post content that will interest and entertain people.

Under the Business Section I have added in my Resume, where you can look at all my various qualifications. I’ve also filled in my Public Relations Section, which lists any events I’ve been a public speaker, the MC, spoke with the press, or was featured by the press in some form or fashion. Still under construction is my Commentary section of the business portion of my website. There I have plans to comment on the Euro-Crisis, the slowing down of China, an alternative business model for video games, anime, and manga, and the Japanese Keiretsu business group.

For the Community Causes section of my website, I’ve posted up lots of things there. I’ve posted up Organizations I’m associated with, Current Efforts I’m working on with regards to causes for the community, and the many Past Efforts I’ve made with community causes, such as Japan Day at the Library and the Education & Gaming Symposium. As shown in each of these sections I’ve been keeping busy.

I have more things I want to do with the website. I want to work on getting some of the topics I mentioned in the commentary section written and posted. I also want to write more about my experience in Japan. I’m also looking into posting up a professional portfolio of ads that I’ve worked on for various things as well. I also hope I find time to do something creative to post up and share as well. Look forward to a lot of activity on the website over the summer! I’m planning a job hunting trip to Japan in August, here’s to success in my endeavors!

Mickey Mello, Going Strong!

College Graduation! Moving Forward.

As of June 16th, I have made my escape from institutionalized education, I am now a college graduate! I graduated in Business with a double concentration in Marketing and Business Economics and did so obtaining summa cum laude, with highest honors (3.9 GPA or higher, mine being 3.96). I’m the top marketing and business economics graduate for my year, 2012! It has been a long time coming and I’m glad it is over now. Between keeping up my grades, acting, studying in Japan, and running a number of student clubs, all these things have contributed to me being a better person.

Now I can turn my attention to the future ahead. I already have several goals laid out, it is just a matter of going out there and making them happen. My goals are to continue my acquisition of the Japanese language, find a job in Japan and work for a couple of years abroad, and from there pursue a MBA in International Business. I’m also making plans in case some of these things don’t pan out as expected, I’m under no illusion as to the difficulty of finding a job abroad, but thus far my mantra of “hope for the best, prepare for the worst” has worked out well for me. One way or another, I will find a way to return to Japan for another couple of years.

Mickey Mello

Revving Back Up!

College is coming to an end this coming June and the time has come to focus in on some things. I’ll be getting out into the business world soon and I need to get the word out there as to who I am and what I do. With this in mind I’ve added two new sections to the website.

The first is the Business section. As I work more on things, I’ll be getting a resume up and anything related to business shall go here, whether that be commentary or relevant information. My professional business career will be beginning, and I’d like to have a centralized source for who I am and what I’ve done.

The second section is the Community Causes section. Since coming back from Japan after the big 9.0 earthquake, I have been involved with a number of causes and organizations within the community. I want a place where I can discuss causes I’ve helped with in the past, which is one sub-section. As well as a place where I can talk about causes I’m currently involved with now, a second sub-section.

As for the other sections, Acting will likely not get much attention, I’m not involved in it like I used to be. If I get any related side projects going, I’ll update the section, otherwise it’ll likely stay as is. The Japan Odyssey section will get attention going forward, as I recount my experiences retroactively. I did a lot while I was in Japan, and I was so busy that I didn’t have time to post about it. Things need to be caught up to the present, and that’s a goal I want to eventually complete at some point. As for my Creative Endeavors, it’ll be updated as I do anything in that realm of activities, so it’ll likely get some updates from time to time.

Lastly, I just wanted to put forth my current overall goal for the future. I want to get back to Japan. I want to live there for another few years at the very least. To this affect, I will be pursuing and looking for opportunities and jobs that’ll land me back in Japan. What that may be, I am unsure, but for now I at least know where I want to be.

Mello Man Out!

Fixing up the Site

Well, I haven’t completely fallen off the face of the earth yet. I think it is about time I update the site and play catch-up. As you may or may have not guessed, I was in Japan during the big 9.0 magnitude earthquake. My time there was cut short by six months. I’ll try to document my experiences while in Japan till after the earthquake. I’m thinking of adding a few more sections to my website. I’ll add them as I need them. I also think I should change my banner soon. Let’s see if I can get this done!

Mickey Mello

Status Update – 11/1/2010

This is Mickey here, I am still alive and living it up here in Japan. I haven’t posted in a month, so I figured I better put out a quick update as to my status. I’ve been doing lots of things, taking lots of pictures, so I have plenty to post about. The pictures however, take time to edit. Between the pictures and my being generally busy, I haven’t had time to post things up. I will however catch up at some point, and I have been making sure I keep track of what happens day to day, so worry not about details being omitted.

Here’s a picture that looks very Japanese.

Thus the message today is to “Stay Tuned”

The Site Progresses

Well, if you hadn’t known before, a lot has been added since the last General Update. The acting section has been fully fleshed out with headshots, resume, demo reels, and acting links. The about section has been put in place and the home page has been established. Links to the respective major sections of the site have been added to the sides.

I’ve added some posts into the Creative Endeavors category and started adding content related to the Japan Odyssey.

There are other things I want to do to the site to flesh it out, but enough of a base has been made and enough content added to say that the new and improved MICKEYMELLO.COM is open for business!