Japan Prologue: Acceptance Paperwork and Orientation

After all the nice celebrating and what have you associated with getting into IP and having the opportunity to be able to study in Japan for a year at Waseda University in Tokyo, there were more things to be done. At the very least I had found the path and the only way I could lose my way would be through my own actions or in-actions. For as of then, the opportunity to study in Japan was mine to lose and no longer theirs to give. At this point my classes were not yet complete, so I still had to focus on getting those classes done and doing well, after all the reality of the here and now still keeps on moving forward. Being accepted though had brought upon me more paperwork and an orientation to attend. Thus the next step was to gather the required paperwork that required more immediate attention.

(Link to where the paperwork was to be found)

First I was required to start work on the form packet required for my Japan trip and send in a confirmation form as to what orientation I would attend. There would be orientations at San Jose SU and CSU Long Beach, both are a wee bit of a drive away from Bakersfield, but Long Beach was definitely closer and thus my choice. Orientation would take place on May 8th and I would gain a bit more depth of knowledge about the program I would embark upon.

But before Orientation, there was some much needed paperwork to be done! Various forms confirming my participation, health, housing preference, financial situation, and academic plan needed to be taken care of and I set out to gather all that I needed. These forms weren’t as bad as the forms I was flooded by when I was attempting to get into the program, but paperwork is hardly ever an entertaining endeavor. If there was one thing that stuck out though, it was how many passport photos I needed to have. At the end of all this paper work I’ve had to get well over 10 passport photos.

So I manage to get all the paperwork done that was needed by the May 15th deadline, put it in an envelope and took it with me to orientation to drop it off with the necessary people. I drove up to Long Beach with another person who had been accepted into the program for Spain and had a good time with him. We both got excited once the orientation got started, as it started to make all the stuff seem real. The orientation was actually a bit of a teaser, since we knew we had to go back to our current lives afterward. I learned while I was there that the Japan program I had gotten into was supposed to be extremely competitive and hard to get into, and more than one person drove that point home. It really made me proud of the effort I put in. When all was said and done, I had made it through orientation and came out knowing a bit more than before I came.

The Site Progresses

Well, if you hadn’t known before, a lot has been added since the last General Update. The acting section has been fully fleshed out with headshots, resume, demo reels, and acting links. The about section has been put in place and the home page has been established. Links to the respective major sections of the site have been added to the sides.

I’ve added some posts into the Creative Endeavors category and started adding content related to the Japan Odyssey.

There are other things I want to do to the site to flesh it out, but enough of a base has been made and enough content added to say that the new and improved MICKEYMELLO.COM is open for business!

Japan Prologue: The Road to Acceptance

Back in late October of 2009, I learned about an international study program available from my college campus. I was busy doing my weapon dancing on campus at Cal State Bakersfield, (With my cane I carry around called Seth-Agave, AKA Illustrious Chaos) when I was approached by the International Programs Director for my campus. She asked me if I might be interested in studying in Japan and I replied that “Certainly I’m not opposed to the idea.” and with that she told me that there would be more information available at an event in the first week of November. I go to the event and learn about the program and the like, and there I decide to commit myself to getting into the program.

(Click here for information on the program)

Thus the gauntlet of forms and paperwork were before me. They were annoying, but not too bad. Had to get a couple of faculty recommendations from my professors and write a short essay. That was the easy part. Part of the requirement for the program was that I needed to take one semester or quarter of an Asian Culture type class and one semester or quarter of a Japanese Language class. The first wasn’t too bad to get into, I took Asian Religions, which was interesting, but man, I had to freaken work hard for that bloody ‘A’. For the Japanese class, they didn’t offer it at my college, so for a couple a months I had to search around and try to sign up for a Japanese course. I managed to sign up for one at a college two hours drive away, but was waitlisted for another one at my local community college. I barely made it into the Japanese class at my community college, I was number 2 on the waitlist and I showed up on the first day of class and two people didn’t show up and I got in. After getting into the class at the community college, I dropped that bugger that was 2 hours away.

So I got the forms filled out and I was currently taking both the required courses. I thought it would be a breeze from there. Nope I was wrong, the program people emailed me 20+ pages of new forms to fill out and they all had to be done and “received” within two weeks. It turns out the Japanese university requires forms of its own, separate from the other countries in the international study program. Those forms also needed two recommendations from my professors, and another essay for me to write, a lot longer than the first one. You know how hard it is to get things from professors on short notice, especially towards the end of the quarter? Yeah… I get all that done, there was other busy work in the forms I don’t want to relive. Finally I send that off and make sure they get next day delivery.

From there all that was left was an interview, which I knocked out of the park. Then the waiting game. I hate waiting, but there was nothing left for me to do. I received a letter stating that as of April 6th, 2010, I had been accepted to participate in the California State University International Programs (IP).

So basically, I applied for this International Study Abroad Program. After going through all the paper work, recommendations, essays, classes, and interview I got the results back. I will be studying in Japan for about one year. I’ll be attending Waseda University in Tokyo!

(Waseda University Website)

~Simply Yarrsauce~

Cabaret of Parallel Planes

The timeless and those time has forgotten. There will always be both, for there are people destined to be the timeless and those destined to be forgotten with time. Then there are those who assume the aspects of both being timeless and forgotten. I am one of these people time has forgotten. I have resided upon this mortal plane for times long passed. Though forgotten, I have been timeless in age and features. In relation to this, I am known as Chrono. It is not the name I was originally given, but that name has long since been forgotten by the ages.

Though I have been forgotten, there is much that I have remembered, much that I have learned and maintained. I presume you have come to glean some of what I have learned from my time on this plane. First I must know your name, after all you must have something to offer as far as the exchange of information goes. Whisper to me your name, though you may be forgotten, you will at least be remembered by this timeless one.

…Your name has an interesting ring to it. Perhaps I’ll hear more of it in the future. But I digress, you have come for information, some of what I have seen, heard, and experienced. You have paid the toll, you have parted with your name, something you should not do foolishly in this world. One’s true name holds great power, the power to see its fate and perhaps alter it. You are lucky this time, however, I am but a mere observer.

I bet you wish to know more of the inner workings of this world. This world is not as most people perceive it. Few know its true nature, I am now bringing you under that chosen few. It is up to you on how you interpret what I am to tell you. This world is more than the physical aspects you see around you. There are many other worlds connected to this one. You could call them shadow worlds, but I believe our world is merely a faint shadow of those worlds. They have been known as “Hell”, “Heaven”, “Netherworld”, “Parallel Universes”, “Asgard”, “The Spirit World”, and many more. These places are not the mere work of fiction. Though our notions of them are for the most part falsely rooted, these places very much do exist. The nature of each is different.

Demons very much do exist as well. Though the meaning of the word “demon” has been skewed over time to the point where its original intent is no longer recognizable. Demons are not inherently evil, as they have been represented. They are merely denizens of another world, the gods fall under this category, however, their true motivations are shrouded in mystery. They are merely demons who have achieved power and position much like that of kings and tyrants.

Have you heard all that you wish? Are there any other questions you wish to ask of me? If you do have something you wish to know, ask now, for we shall most likely never meet again. Though I will, however, observe your exploits, or lack thereof, for I feel it is my duty as one who has been forgotten, to remember those who may become forgotten. Use this information as you will, go now into this world with a new perspective…

Who Am I?

What am I?
Am I a monster?
I am not a beast.
Nor am I a god.
I seek the knowledge of the light.
Yet I walk the path of the dark.
What is it I seek?
In this paradox of an existence.
Do I seek power?
Do I seek knowledge?
Do I seek secrets unknown?
It matters not.
For I will find what I seek.
And I will fulfill what is to come.
Although my true name is forgotten.
I am known as Triface…
And I am myself…

So It Begins.

This is Mickey Mello, AKA The-Mello-Man, here. Well I got this spiffy new WordPress website up and running and the post section was looking a little bare, so I decided to get this post typed up to get things started around here. I have a lot of plans for the site.

First things first, a little update as far as what is happening with me. I will be arriving in Japan September 14th, at which time I will spend approximately a year there studying abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. While I’m there, I plan on updating this site with all the various escapades I shall have while I’m over there. Sorta like a diary, except you’ll be able to read it and when I write I tend to like to amuse myself, so chances are you’ll also be amused as well.

Second, this site shall of course have information related to my acting. Resume, Headshots, Videos and related links to IMDB and the like shall be added. So if you want to find out about my acting stuff, it’ll be here.

Third, I have a little bit of a creative streak when I get in the mood. Thus I’ll create a section to post up any of my creative stuff when I make it. I hope to get some short stories up there. I might add drawings up there if I decide to draw anything. Basically it’s a catch all section for all my pent-up creativity.

Fourth, from time to time I also like to ramble and opine about various things of philosophic interest. So perhaps I’ll create a section to vent my intellectual prattle. It is all subject to my whims after all.

Well that should about cover everything. Welcome and Enjoy.

~Simply Yarrsauce~