Student Organizations

Student Organizations I was involved in from California State University, Bakersfield.

Japan and Beyond

Japan And Beyond (JAB)

Role in Organization - President from June 2011 till June 2012 - Member since September 2009

Japan And Beyond (JAB) is a multicultural student organization at California State University, Bakersfield. The purpose of the organization is to enrich student life on campus through introducing Japanese culture. Anybody is welcome to join, even if they are not Japanese. JAB provides Japanese culture mainly through cultural activities during weekly meetings, on-campus food sales, and collaborative events with the university. Established in 2005, JAB strives to provide a multicultural experience to those at CSUB and to the surrounding community.

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Campus Gamers (CG)

Role in Organization - Founding Member since September 2011

Founded in the Fall Quarter of 2011, Campus Gamers is a student organization made up of 50+ students and alumni of California State University, Bakersfield.

It is important that our club exist for some greater purpose than meeting once a week to play a video game for an hour. The club was created for purposes like improving education for local high school students who would be soon attending CSUB, and creating an atmosphere of not just tolerance, but warm acceptance for any person who want to attend meetings. We want to help those students who want to make games, and those who want to work in the game industry, whether in art, music, design, writing, programming, business, marketing or any other countless career opportunity available in gaming.

Because our club is well-defined and goal-oriented, we have become one of the fastest growing student organizations on the CSUB campus - ever. Other clubs are coming to us, asking for our help in adding an attraction factor to their own events.

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Campus Gamers

International Students Club

International Students Club

Role in Organization: President from September 2011 till December 2011 - Member from January 2010 - June 2012

Gems from all over the world, united as one.
International Student Organization that takes care and is concerned about the students at CSUB.

We're all about meeting new people and exploring new cultures and learning about other traditions.

The International Student's Club is very unique in many ways. Students from all over the world meet regularly to organize cultural events, trips, and social activities. In addition, the club holds a fun-filled annual International Dinner in March, which gathers hundreds of people (friends in the community, students, staff, and professors) to celebrate the richness of cuisine and share the food cultures of the world.

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