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It is time for a general update! As you may have noticed, I have not done much in terms of posting, however, what you may not have noticed is that the rest of the website has been getting a lot of updates! This is all going towards my effort to brand and market myself, as I will be using my website a professional platform to tell people who I am, what I can do, and also post content that will interest and entertain people.

Under the Business Section I have added in my Resume, where you can look at all my various qualifications. I’ve also filled in my Public Relations Section, which lists any events I’ve been a public speaker, the MC, spoke with the press, or was featured by the press in some form or fashion. Still under construction is my Commentary section of the business portion of my website. There I have plans to comment on the Euro-Crisis, the slowing down of China, an alternative business model for video games, anime, and manga, and the Japanese Keiretsu business group.

For the Community Causes section of my website, I’ve posted up lots of things there. I’ve posted up Organizations I’m associated with, Current Efforts I’m working on with regards to causes for the community, and the many Past Efforts I’ve made with community causes, such as Japan Day at the Library and the Education & Gaming Symposium. As shown in each of these sections I’ve been keeping busy.

I have more things I want to do with the website. I want to work on getting some of the topics I mentioned in the commentary section written and posted. I also want to write more about my experience in Japan. I’m also looking into posting up a professional portfolio of ads that I’ve worked on for various things as well. I also hope I find time to do something creative to post up and share as well. Look forward to a lot of activity on the website over the summer! I’m planning a job hunting trip to Japan in August, here’s to success in my endeavors!

Mickey Mello, Going Strong!

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