Flying off to Japan and Beyond!

It was September 13th, I had a rather sleepless night at my brother’s, thinking of all the things I needed to do and my imminent journey to Japan. After chatting with my brother a bit on the way to the airport, he dropped me and my stuff off and I was on my own to check my bags, get through security, and get on the plane to Japan! This was my first time flying by myself, as well as my first flight internationally. I found out that international flights can’t have their baggage checked at the curb and was directed to wait in line for the usual baggage check-in. I waited, checked both my main suitcases in, then head towards security. At security one of my bags had to be searched because I was bringing my portable speakers, so I can of course spontaneously burst into song and dance at any moment. After a little extra scanning they found it was fine and let me be on my way. From there it was a matter of getting to my terminal and waiting to board.

Greedy watching my bags

I arrived at the terminal and then kicked back and relaxed a bit. I went and got some McDonalds while Greedy guarded my bags. After that I sat back and waited with Greedy for some of the other CSU students to come around. By the time it was time to board there were 5 of us, well, I guess 6 if you include Greedy (Greedy, you can stop giving me that look).

Waiting at the Terminal with Greedy

From there we were off! It was quite a long flight. Lasted 10 and ½ hours. Listened to some music, chatted with one of the other of the students who sat next to me, watched one of the movies, Iron Man 2.

Flying the Greedy Skies

Finally, after hanging with Greedy for a bit, Japan came in sight and I had arrived. Ready to begin my Japan Odyssey!

Land ho! Japan is within my grasp!


The landing of the plane marked the beginning of things to come…

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