Greedy’s Gilded Grotto Begins!

Greedy The Venture Capitalist here, welcome to my piece of heaven, Greedy’s Gilded Grotto now begins!

Looks like my partner has been slacking on the posts. Mickey has been nagging me to post something to take some of the pressure off him. Bah, so demanding, and he’s not even paying me! But I guess I better do my part, I can’t complain too much since he’ll read this post later. I do like the kid, he has a lot of potential. There is a lot left for him to learn though. He has given me free reign to write about whatever I want. Maybe he’ll read these posts and learn something!

So I’ve been thinking of what to do to kick off my little corner here. I thought it best to stick with one of my loves for now, booze! I’m drinking as I write this now (I’m always drinking, it is best to assume whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it while drinking)! To keep things targeted, I’ll be focusing on a particular kind of booze, those of the Japanese variety. Mainly Sake and Umeshu (Plum Wine for the layman), but also some others of Japanese origins.

This is my “Booze Shrine”, I’m that cool looking green dude in the middle there.

I’ll be going over all sorts of different booze, I’ll describe them the best I can, maybe do a favorites ranking, and talk about the drinking culture in Japan. I might write about more beyond this, but I’ll save that stuff for a later time. The rest of the fun can start after we’re drunk and happy!

Greedy Out!

If anyone asks, you didn’t see me smoking.

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