New Year, New Job

Hey, Mickey “The-Mello-Man” here with an update!

First, Happy Belated New Years! I’m sure this will be a great year with many things to come. We’re already heading into February. This will be a busy year to be sure.

Now for the news! So as per my last post I did some job hunting in Japan during August. I saw some old friends, spent a lot of money shopping and made some good professional contacts, but nothing that led me to a job abroad.

Move forward to November and getting a job offer from Global CTI, a company that designs and installs integrated communication solutions and they’re damn good at it. The position was to be their marketing guy at the company. I accepted and have been working since the beginning of December! This’ll be a great position and allow me to learn a lot about business and IT in particular as Global CTI falls under that industry. I’ll be getting a lot of certifications, from those related to marketing, sales, technical, as well as ones for Project Management. This is a great position to learn and absorb a lot!

Other good news, I’ve been nominated for board positions for both Bakersfield Sister City and Southern California Sister Cities, a chapter of Sister Cities International. I look forward to continuing my efforts working in the international community. My goal is to try to get other people my age, those just starting their careers, to participate, in addition to those in school.

Things are taking off and it looks to be a good year!

One last bit of news, it seems my partner, Greedy the Venture Capitalist, wants to post some stuff. I assume it’ll center on one of his five loves in his life: Money, Booze, Smokes, Women, and Business. Not sure what at this point, he’s currently sleeping and dealing with a hang-over.

Mickey Out!

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