Japan Prologue: Preparations Complete

So the time is approaching. The time of reckoning, the time of destiny, the time to which to begin my journey, my odyssey, my Japan Odyssey. The preparations have been made, the J-CAT taken, and my bags packed with precision. With items of which to cloth myself with, an offering to my host family, and the various items I will use to operate while abroad such as this very laptop I’m typing on now for this post.


I shall set off out of town on the morn of Sunday, Sept. 12th and drive down to LA. From there I will meet up with my brother whose place of residence is located in LA and my mother will say her goodbyes and drop me off. I’ll stay the night over at my brother’s and then finally, Monday morning he will drop me off at the LAX airport. I’ll check my bags, and make my way to the plane that will take me to Japan. Others in the program are taking this same flight, so I’ll meet up with them and we’ll set off together, each beginning their own journey.

With every end, there is a new beginning.

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