Sister Cities International Annual Conference!

Hey everyone!

As you all may know, I was running for the young professional board position. The results of that is…

I did not win the young professional board election. It was very competitive and main feedback I heard from everyone was that if all three of the young professional candidates had run as normal board members, we would have all been elected. There was only one young professional position though. We all had our specialties. One candidate worked closely with the State department, another had a lot of non-profit experience, and I had the business and entertainment background.

Second, I was, however, appointed to the Youth Committee for Sister Cities International. So I did not come back entirely empty-handed in that regard. I don’t have to travel for it either, so I get to save money in travel expenses! So I’ll be staying involved and connected with Sister Cities International. Perhaps I’ll run for board again next year. We’ll see.

Third, the conference itself was quite good with a number of interesting sessions. There were some good ones on fundraising, grant writing, and for social media. The grant writing one was especially good.

Fourth, I chatted with some very interesting people and have been following up with them as I’ve been recovering from the long weekend. I also managed to get some street dancing in while at San Antonio and also impressed everyone at the conference with my dancing skills during the dinner festivities on Saturday.

I may have something more in-depth about the conference later to share.

Mickey The-Mello-Man

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