Sister Cities International Elections 2013!

Elections are soon to get under way for the 2013 Sister Cities International Election Season!

This is Mickey Mello handling the election coverage. More specifically, covering my run for the Young Professional Board Position at Sister Cities International for a two year term. The Young Professional position is for those who are between 21-34 in age seeking to advance Sister Cities International’s cause of Citizen to Citizen diplomacy across the country and, in effect, around the world. It seems that I will be running against three others, so it should be quite lively.

Mickey dressed in his battle attire, prepared for the election battle to come.

On June the 12th there will be a webinar for candidates to advance their platform which I will be participating in. Elections will take place at the annual conference being held in San Antonio, Texas from July 12th to the 14th. Sister Cities can either send in their ballots or designate a representative to vote in person at theĀ  annual conference.

My platform is focused on how Sister Cities International can be more effective in their mission to help each of the local Sister Cities groups be more successful. How do we deal with an aging demographic of leaders and encourage those that are younger to get involved? How can we more effectively get relevant information to the local Sister Cities organizations? As a board member of both Bakersfield Sister Cities and SoCal Sister Cities International, I’m learning about how these two groups work together, and Sister Cities International is the last piece of the puzzle that will help me connect the dots and understand more Sister Cities. I wish to design documentation focused on getting the youth and young professionals involved, documents that lay out the step by step process to implement such initiatives.

Between my experience in the entertainment industry acting for 8 years, my time studying abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, my leadership as president of “Japan And Beyond”, “International Students Club”, and one of the founders of “Campus Gamers”, my experience in Marketing and Economics through my college major and job at Global CTI, a telecommunications company, to my street dancing. I have a wide variety of experiences I can bring to Sister Cities International. I look forward to putting myself out there and I hope others will see my passion and vote me in as the Young Professional Board Member of Sister Cities International.

Looking forward to Election Day!

Mickey Mello

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