The First Days of Japan: 100 Bottles of Beer

So there we were at the Takadanobaba Rotary. The plan for the evening was set, we were going to party with the Waseda students. The reason, (Not that the Japanese need much of a reason to party), was to welcome us to Japan and Waseda. Thus they collected the entrance fee from everyone, it was 2,500 yen per person for a two hour all you can drink marathon, a nomihodai. This was to take place at a izakaya of some sort, did I mention there was going to be lots of drinking? I can’t remember the name of the place, the reason is either because I drank too much or because I simply wasn’t paying attention, you decide!

Thus the drinking began!

Greedy and me kicking back with the Waseda Students.

Pose for the Camera.

Another picture of a crazy Waseda student.

They’re everywhere!!!

Hanging with two of my CSU buds.

There is actually a third table out of frame, so it was a pretty big gathering.

Greedy with one of his drinking buddies.

Another toast to a good time!

In Japan, do as the Japanese do, Drink.

That’s a lot of drinks! 

As you can see, lots of drinking, partying, and drinking, oh and some eating too. Greedy, in fact, drank the most, he asked that I pose with him to mark the occasion. I think Greedy was a little drunk, but I thought it best to humor him.

Greedy drank all these… The little drunkard.

Of course all this drinking isn’t all fun and games. Drinking is so prevalent here in Japan, that the bathrooms have special facilities specifically for a unique purpose. While I was in the bathroom, I actually saw someone make full use of said facilities.

The Barf Bowl, Only in Japan.

After all the drinking, we all went back to the nearby Takadanobaba Rotary. There we hung out a bit longer, some went home, and others decided to continue their night out. While this was happening, Greedy was getting it on with the womenz. He’s quite the ladies’ man it seems.

Greedy the Pimp.

From there some others and myself decided to head to the Hub: The British Pub, to continue the evening. I decided not to drink anything more, for I felt slightly tipsy. So for the most part I just chatted with the Waseda students and had a good time.

Living it up at the Hub.

The Hub is the Pub to be.

That was the end of another event filled day.

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