The First Days of Japan: Ginger Ale Master

After a long day, it was time for me, the CSU students, resident director, program associate, and of course Greedy to kick back and have a real party to celebrate our arrival in Japan. Dinner at Shakey’s pizza the night before was just a prelude to the dinner this night at the Kin-no-Kura. Kin-no-Kura is a type of restaurant referred to as an Izakaya, which is a drinking establishment that serves food in addition to its drinks, it is typically a nomihodai (All you can drink). For these events, usually you’re there for a specific period of time, and during that time is when it is all you can drink. For most people, this means to drink as much alcohol as they can within that time period, but nomihodai can also refers to non-alcoholic drinks as well. Thus I created a CSU legend as the Ginger Ale Master.

Thus the Ginger Ale Master takes another glass…

Chug! Chug! Chug!

In addition to downing more Ginger Ale than any mere mortal can handle, I also partook in the drinking of some Sake. Sake is of course Japanese rice wine. This event was also one of epic proportions, because it was the first time I had ever drunk Sake, and of all places, my first time to drink Sake was in Japan itself! The Sake wasn’t half-bad, better than a lot of alcohol I’ve had in the past.

Drink in place, you have permission to engage.

We have Sake launch! Drinking Sake for the first time ever in Japan, Epic.

We talked, joked, and even sang a little (Ok, only I sang). I had the reputation of being the wildest sober guy to establish after all. All in all it was a good time, Greedy of course drank alcohol like a beast and was hitting on all the women. We went through quite a few drinks as the time was ticking down.

A lively evening at the Kin-no-Kura.

Chatting at the Kin-no-Kura.

Got all sorts of stuff going on at the table at the Kin-no-Kura.

Remnants of food at the Kin-no-Kura.

Another picture angle at the Kin-no-Kura.

Empty bottles and glasses at the Kin-no-Kura.

Insert caption here ending with Kin-no-Kura.

It twas an enjoyable evening. Though it wasn’t done yet, some of us went to the Hub: The British Pub. The Hub is a common hang-out for a lot of Waseda students. Here I actually did have a couple more drinks, my friend bought me a Gin and Tonic, then he said I owed him a drink now. Thus I bought another round of Gin and Tonic for both him and myself. After chatting with the Waseda students there for a bit, we decided to head back and call it a night.

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