The First Days of Japan: More Torture- I Mean Orientation

September 16th was another nauseating day of orientation. The first bit wasn’t so bad, we met a former CSU IP program participant who gave us some advice, she is currently working through the JET program. Got information on housing, transportation, and banking. After which we got our student IDs.

After that it was lunch with the Waseda students. I was taken to an udon place and had a tonkatsu (pork cutlet) rice bowl with udon. It was quite good. During lunch I talked to the a couple of the Japanese students, told them I was an actor, for the most part made small talk. This Japanese girl I ate with finish her whole meal, hers had as much food as mine, but I could only eat about half. I’ve never been a huge eater, but maybe I’ll start eating more as well once I settle in a bit more.

She ate it all, she put my eating skillz to shame.

After lunch, the true torture of Orientation began, 2 and 1/2 hours of boring slides and information. The horror, the mayhem (Or in this case, the lack thereof)! There was one small glimmer of entertainment. When the librarian from the Waseda Library spoke, in the most awesome voice, he stated “I am a Librarian!” and said he would make things short. And it was short, almost too short, it was somewhat saddening to see him go.

After surviving the dribble of orientation, the Waseda students were to take us on a tour of Shinjuku. There was a lot of walking around, not really paying attention to where I was or going, and for the most part I was just talking with one of the Waseda students. At that point I don’t think it really helped me learn my way around Shinjuku. After showing us some places, we headed back to Takadanobaba Rotary for the next bit-o-fun, but that is for the next post…

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