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My intended destination abroad is the prestigious private university called “Waseda University”. It would not be an understatement to compare Waseda University’s prestige in Japan to Harvard’s, Stanford’s, and Yale’s prestige in the US. Waseda is considered the 148th best school in the world and 25th in Asia and the Middle east (As of 2009).

US News and World Report’s “World’s Best Universities”

US News and World Report’s “World’s Best Universities: Asian and Middle Eastern”

Waseda University is located in the northern part of Shinjuku in Tokyo. The university’s motto is “Independence of Learning”. It is a motto that resonates with me since I was homeschooled for so many years, it instilled in me the value of learning on my own. Between all undergraduates and graduate students, the university has almost 50,000 students and it receives 136,000 applications each year. Of those applications, just under 10% are accepted.

Top Universities – Waseda (Click the “Statistics” tab on the website for more information.)

If you didn’t know, baseball is quite popular in Japan and Waseda University is no exception. One of the most exciting events is considered one of the most important competitions of the year by the student body, and that is when Waseda’s baseball team faces off against their rivals at Keio University. The match between Waseda and Kieo is called the Sokeisen, and when the match occurs it causes classes at both universities to be canceled. Sounds like an event that shouldn’t be missed, I’ll be sure to write about it here after I attend the event myself.

Now, I’m not attending classes that normal Japanese students take. I will be attending classes at the School of International Liberal Studies (SILS). SILS has around 2,400 students, of those students about 1,500 are native Japanese and around 700 are degree seeking international students mostly from countries like Korea, China, and Taiwan. Lastly there are around 200 students who are one-year exchange students (Which is what I am). The special thing about SILS is that all classes (Except Japanese language acquisition classes) are taught in English. So basically all the courses related to business that I’m taking will be taught in English!

School of International Liberal Studies Website

If you want to learn more about the history and background of the university in more depth, I would suggest reading more about it on their “About Waseda” page.

Waseda University Website – About Page

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