Whirlwind of Activities

There has been a lot happening!

Between Extra-Life 2013 in October, getting up three new websites with another coming, starting my own organization “Let’s Study Japanese.org”, running my own Japanese Study Group, becoming a founding member and treasurer of the Westchester Kiwanis 321 Satellite Club, running the technical end for the Southern California Sister Cities Annual 2014 Conference, participating in a 2 day gasshuku (training camp) for Iaijutsu, helping my old college club put on another big matsuri (festival) with over 200 attendees, going on a Bakersfield Sister City Group Trip to Wakayama, Japan with 11 students and 4 other adults, going to Anime Expo as press, and again running for the board of Sister Cities International! Plus I started the hobbies of Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy) and Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship) almost a year ago. Not to mention my job as Marketing Director keeps me very busy during working hours.

Things have just been keeping busy! I still have big plans. I’m looking at redesigning MICKEYMELLO.COM to try a new look a feel and make it more updated.

I have a lot of ambition and work cut out for me!


~Mickey “The Marketing Samurai” Mello

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